One of "Our" Dogs Is Missing

photo of Blue - click here for a larger photo

My name is Melissa Franklin and I live in Purcellville, Virginia. On February 21st, 2007 our beloved family dog Blue went missing from our farm on Route 690 South and Lickey Mill/Tranquility Road in Purcellville. I am contacting as many people as I can in an effort to bring him back home to the family who misses him terribly. We suspect that he may have been picked up and kept. That is why I am now contacting animal business owners and professionals to assist in our desperate search. Attached is a photo of Blue and below is a detailed description. If you come into contact with this dog, please, please call. If nothing else, we just want to know if he is okay. Any information would be kept strictly confidential and we are offering a reward for information leading to his safe return. My heart is just broken thinking of anyone else with my dog and I will not give up searching for him until I know where he is.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and support,

Melissa Franklin


Please Help Us Bring "Blue" Home!

Male 1 and 1/2 year old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, no tail.
Was wearing red collar with Hoof and Paw rabies tag.
Gray/white with tan and black splotches. One blue and one blue and brown eye. Pink spot on nose. Approximately 45-50 pounds (although may be quite a bit thinner now).
Last seen Wednesday Feb. 21, 2007 at Lickey Mill Road and Route 690 south, Purcellville, VA.

If you have information, please call 540-338-7774 (my home),or 703-945-9750 (my cell) or 703-477-9441 (John, my husbands cell).

Thank You.
Melissa Franklin

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